Thursday, 11 February 2010

the tree

I loved a tree.
I visited him everyday
during my forty days of prayer in the ashram

then suddently I found 
our friendship grew.
much master than the tree itself.
daily we dialogued.

with his profound silence he answered all my questions.
he was always simply there.
with his many-figured arms stretched out to the skies,
extending to me a warm welcome,
he simply stood there and spoke to me ,
always in silence. he knew only one thing: to give.

he was a symbol of self giving.
with no thoughts of "mine", 
with no spirit of " having"
he embodied in himself
all that we understand
by the oft-misused precious word,
" unselfishness"

whenever I approached him 
he simply placed himself at my disposal
and told me in a language beyond all expression: take , take and have whatever you need. this is what I have, I KEEP IT ONLY FOR YOU" 
I wondered 
at his selfless surrender to me.
I felt ashamed. 
I lost myself in an amazed silence . 
later when awareness touched my limbs
I asked myself: 
"can a tree reflect the divine more than man?
Does it reflect the divine untarnished by consciousness?"

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